Achievements of Fernando Marin Valencia

The first foray of Fernando Marin Valencia into achievements began as a Councilor for Floridablanca, Colombia. During his early years in politics, he was involved in the Presidential campaigns for Andres Pastrana and Alvaro Uribe. He has been the Colombian Ambassador to Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. Between 1998 and 2002 inclusive, he has also been the board member of Ecopetrol- a leading petroleum company in Colombia. Thereafter, he took up the position of the Colombian Ambassador to Guyana, Venezuela, and Surname in the reign of President Alvaro Uribe.

In 2003, after his responsibilities as the Ambassador of Colombia to Venezuela came to an end, he started his own company called Grama for the benefit of the underprivileged families living at the Caribbean Coast with the vision to be the leader in the construction industry. He had begun his career in the real estate in 1976 when he founded Marvel, a vibrant company, together with his father and brothers.

Fernando Marin Valencia Colombia

Fernando Marin Valencia’s Grama, a Colombian real estate development company, has helped him a great deal in gaining recognition by providing excellent quality designs and houses across Colombia. He has been awarded Executive Leadership Golden Award for the development of the Santander region by the Alumni Association of the Industrial University of Santander. He has also received Honorable Order of the Colombian Congress- Order Cross of the Commander, Plaque of Recognition by FENALCO.

Fernando Marin Valencia served Colombia with his invaluable experience. Therefore, he has also been awarded by the Military, Police, Air Force and Navy for recognition for support to the various Colombian Military, Air Force, Naval and Police at the Colombian Embassy in Venezuela. He has also been awarded Order of the Meritory Citizen by the Mayor of Bucaramanga. Fernando has brought a lot of success to Colombia through his vast achievements.


Fernando Marin Valencia Colombia – Intro to Grama

Fernando Marin Valencia is a former Colombian Ambassador and the founder of the Grama Group, a Colombian real estate development company that operates on the carribean coast of the country and in major cities of the interior.

After 25 years at the company that he started with his father and brothers, Marval, which is a combination of the first 3 letters of his last names, Marin and Valencia, Fernando decided to break out on his own as he had certain visions for the future of the country and the real estate development industry. Although the company was founded in 2004 it was kicked into high gear and became his primary focus after finishing serving his time as Colombia’s ambassador to Venezuela and is now one of the developers that sells the most homes and commercial real estate in the country.

Fernando Marin Valencia Colombia

In 2015 the company had revenues of over 300,000,000,000 COP (Colombian Pesos) in 2015 from the sale of about 175,000 units with projections to grow an additional 20% the following year.  The Colombian real estate market is particularly vibrant at the moment as there are about 75 cities with populations of over 100,000 people which has led to real estate developers, including Grama to explore opportunities in not only the major cities but in the smaller ones as well.  Grama is currently active in Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Cartagena on the coast and in Bogota, Bucaramanga and Valledupar.

In Valledupar Fernando Marin Valencia’s company is currently building a shopping mall which is a huge undertaking. Grama is also building a shopping mall in Barranquilla as well as a smaller mini-mall type of project. The company has recently broken into the corporate real estate market with the construction of the Amura Tower in Cartagena which will be part hotel/part residential. The hotel will be operated by Marriot and will be their first hotel managed by them in the country. It will include 214 guest rooms in a 53 story tower that will become emblematic of the city of Cartagena.

The residential building will include a rooftop sky-bar on the top floor and a health Center and Pool on a high floor as well. Other amenities include a Ballroom, Billiards room, lounge, social room, cinema, covered terrace as well as outdoor BBQ and teppanyaki.

Residents of the new tower will benefit from its location in a unique city, on a strategic location on the Caribbean, iconic design and beautiful spaces with sweeping views all constructed by experts.